Wednesday, June 08, 2005

wednesday update

My dear friend Prasad left for India today. It's quite tragic. We had lots of adventures trying to get him out of the country on time. Only positive thing about this is that I get to drive his silver Mercedes. It's beyond awesome. It's clean, it's quiet, it's fast, and EVERYTHING is automatic. Some examples:

Lights come on automatically (yes, i'm starting with the not so spectacular, but still very nice features). Oh, and they also go off automatically. Imagine that.

You know how you can flip your rear view mirror when there's someone tailgating you in the dark and their headlights make you see nothing? Well, in this car the rear view mirror automatically adjusts to the lights behind it. It's very nice...

Similarly, the windshield wipers come on automatically and adjust the speed to the amount of rain that is coming down (I actually came up with this invention several years back, but someone must have stolen my idea...). Oh - and the squirty stuff that you can invoke to clean your dirty windshield - yep - automatic as well.

I could go on and on, but I have 50 bugs to prioritize. So, ta-ta.

PS. Elmer (this is my car), I still love you more than any other car in the world!!! Even though NOTHING is automatic about you.


Fluffy said...

Tab, funny thing is that what you said about Elmer is exactly what I hear Todd say about you!

(Fluffy laugh)


Todd said...

I don't know exactly what Fluffy means by that, but I think it is funny.

BTW, are you driving the Nissan a couple of times a week?

Elmer said...


Bite me!

katie said...

common, give credit where credit is due: what about his transmission?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should pick me up this evening instead of meeting. I've never been in a Mercedes. Just kidding. See ya later, JMB

Tabita said...

Fluff, I miss your taunting laugh - I can hear it in my head now. Aren't you excited that I'll be there in a little over a week!?!? Hmmm - Nissan - oh yeah. I'll work on that. Elmer, settle down... Katie, whose transmission are we talking about? And JMB - lovely coffee time just now. :)