Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where did May go?

Whew - long day. From WI to Atl and back to WI - all in 15 hours.

As I was getting into my rental car at the airport parking lot this evening, I saw a taxi driver kneeling down on the ground. My first thought was that he was smelling something on the ground (weird), but then I quickly realized that he was praying. It was such a beautiful moment. To watch this man in the midst of the hustle and bustle, unabashed, taking a time-out to pray to his god. Would I do the same? Would I kneel to pray in the airport at the gate while waiting to board? Probably not. Self consciousness is a disease that I think most of us educated westerners suffer from.

I want to start taking time-outs throughout the day to stop and smell the roses (not the pavement), to say thank you, to learn something new about a friend, to sing, to be silent.

But first I have to sleep. Until I wake up. It's been a long day (but short month!).

PS. The password for my hotel internet access this week is foodfood. That is probably one of my favorites to date.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Got it!!!

Todd picked up a spankin' new Toshiba notebook yesterday. Now that's a pretty good present... :)


Yesterday morning I scratched Sophie's tummy with my left foot while stirring the oatmeal pot with my right hand. It was quite a feat and required a fair amount of coordination.

This morning, I am blogging, doing laundry, shopping online, and contemplating cooking oatmeal all at once. This is what we call multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is especially required of me this weekend because as part of my anniversary present to Todd (yep, it's today - Happy Anniversary baby! Thanks for 12 wonderful years!), I promised that I would take care of all household duties. What was I thinking!!??!?

Todd sent me an article last week that states that a stay-at-home mom would earn $138,095 if you add up all the things that she does (housekeeper, cook, van driver, psychologist, etc). Todd said he would settle for $100,000. I told him I would consider his proposal.

Oh my gosh - the washing machine stopped! Time to go do the switch. Normally, I wouldn't even notice. Maybe I do need to get Todd on the pay roll. I'm thinking a thousand sweet kisses per week should do it (Rent reference for those of you who are uninitiated).

I am a very bad wife. I thought that doing housework all weekend would be a great present, but now I'm thinking that it is not sufficient. (Especially since I already received one present last night and I know that there are more on the way...) That's why I'm trying to find a Vandy sweatshirt online. Todd has been wanting one of those since he started working on his Ph.D. almost five years ago. Sadly, this is not the time of year to be looking for sweatshirts. The collection is - well - non-existent. Hmmm, what to do?

Well, I will start with switching the laundry, cooking oatmeal, and maybe some great idea will come to me before he returns from his morning run. At least I got a card...

Thursday, May 03, 2007


so much work to do... don't know where to start.

maybe i will just go to my hotel room and sleep.

but that is a waste of time. or is it? maybe i will be more efficient with sleep.


or maybe not.

all you need is love. i think. and maybe some money?

sophie is staring at my from my second monitor. yep - i have two. it's cool.

life is good.