Tuesday, September 13, 2005


whirlwind trip to IKEA - fun, exhausting, expensive :)

put together furniture fun - and not so fun - we're still not done.

carried big sofa upstairs with Todd. amazing feat - sore next day - and day after that.

i leave for india on thursday!!!!!! how crazy is that? good lord - i have so much to do.

love, bubble baths, champagne, hugs, smiles, breathing exercises...

somehow it will all be OK.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


According to a white paper on globalization that I'm reading right now (OK, I was reading until I started writing this post), two of the eight "very best global sites" are Swedish. Ikea and Saab...

Sweden rocks!

Oh, and speaking of IKEA... I'm going there on Saturday. Sooooooo exciting!!!


That is how many minutes it takes to get to work during normal morning traffic from the new house. At 6 AM it is 11 minutes. Not bad, not bad. I have no patience for traffic. It is one of the most joy-sucking things in life. If the car is not moving, my breathing becomes shallow, and my brain keeps thinking about ways that I can get around the situation. Some times it works. That is a really happy thing. Conquering the traffic beast is fun.

15 is also the day of this month when I leave for India!!! Yep - I'm finally going and will be there for 3 weeks. I'm so freakin' excited! Started my Typhoid vaccine pills today. Lots of rules around that. Empty stomach, cold water, no food/hot drink/exercise for an hour, every other day, has to be refrigerated... I just know I'll screw something up. I just won't eat or drink while I'm there...

Saturday, September 03, 2005

i feel like i'm in Clue...

Had a date with Reverend Green in the Reading Room with a Candlestick last night...

Yeh - it was romantic - flowing champange - foot massage - strawberries - red rose in new Mats Jonasson vase... Just for me.

So, we're moved it. The new house is fabulous. Official unpacking and settling starts today. Good thing we have a long weekend. Need to run. Way overdue.

Why am I still typing?

I need to go.