Wednesday, September 07, 2005


That is how many minutes it takes to get to work during normal morning traffic from the new house. At 6 AM it is 11 minutes. Not bad, not bad. I have no patience for traffic. It is one of the most joy-sucking things in life. If the car is not moving, my breathing becomes shallow, and my brain keeps thinking about ways that I can get around the situation. Some times it works. That is a really happy thing. Conquering the traffic beast is fun.

15 is also the day of this month when I leave for India!!! Yep - I'm finally going and will be there for 3 weeks. I'm so freakin' excited! Started my Typhoid vaccine pills today. Lots of rules around that. Empty stomach, cold water, no food/hot drink/exercise for an hour, every other day, has to be refrigerated... I just know I'll screw something up. I just won't eat or drink while I'm there...

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