Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Where did May go?

Whew - long day. From WI to Atl and back to WI - all in 15 hours.

As I was getting into my rental car at the airport parking lot this evening, I saw a taxi driver kneeling down on the ground. My first thought was that he was smelling something on the ground (weird), but then I quickly realized that he was praying. It was such a beautiful moment. To watch this man in the midst of the hustle and bustle, unabashed, taking a time-out to pray to his god. Would I do the same? Would I kneel to pray in the airport at the gate while waiting to board? Probably not. Self consciousness is a disease that I think most of us educated westerners suffer from.

I want to start taking time-outs throughout the day to stop and smell the roses (not the pavement), to say thank you, to learn something new about a friend, to sing, to be silent.

But first I have to sleep. Until I wake up. It's been a long day (but short month!).

PS. The password for my hotel internet access this week is foodfood. That is probably one of my favorites to date.

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