Tuesday, June 05, 2007

wedding prep

I just finished wiping down all of my parents' outdoor furniture. They have a lot!!! Feels good to do some manual labor tho. Especially after a nice long workout. We ran in the woods. There is nothing like running in the Swedish woods... The smell, the scenery. It's like being in a fairytale. A running fairytale.

I had some bizarre dreams last night. One was about a colony where they had all sorts of weird food rations and restrictions. It may be based on the fact that certain food items in the house are not to be touched because they are for the wedding. Especially a lot of the baked goods. My mom is working so hard! Last night she and my dad left around 22:15 to put newly baked break in the freezer at the church. Crazy people.

Btw, the bathroom downstairs (the one that we use when we are here) has a heated floor. It is so cool!!! If I ever build a house, the bathroom will have heated floors. Except, how could I ever find the time to build a house!?!? It seems utterly time consuming. No thanks...

My mom has a day by day wedding calendar on the fridge with all the things that have to be accomplished each day in order for us to have a wedding on Saturday. Hmmm, I wonder where I get my great organizational skills? At least we can strike the furniture cleaning off today's list.

More later. Got to shower.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like exciting plans. Give us descriptions of all the baked goods your parents are making for the wedding. Is that favorite cake that we in Nashville love going to make an appearance at the wedding? Plus, we want details of the wedding. Dresses, flowers, food, ceremony, ....are you all singing in it? ....Details and pictures.
-- Your Nashville gamers