Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Travel Day

Flight is 2 hours delayed. Reach Atlanta around 1 AM local time. Reach my hotel around 2 AM local time.

"Anna Green? She's booked for tomorrow night."

What the &$*%?

I storm out. It's not really the guy's fault, but he wasn't very sympathetic either... Try the hotel across the street. Nope, they are full too. But at least willing to help me find an alternative. Country Inn and Suites. OK. Sounds good.

285 North -> 75 North -> Exit 260.

Behind the McDonald's, they said. It looks really shady. At this point, I don't really care. The place is under construction. There is a big leak in the ceiling with a trashcan catching the water. The attendant is hunched over a makeshift desk with a credit card machine and a computer. Two rough-looking guys are in front of me. They're not happy. The credit card machine is not working.

Finally, it's my turn. "What hotel is this?" I ask. "Windy Hills Suites," is the response. Thank God! I'm at the wrong hotel. I get in my car and drive around the block until I find the entrance to the correct hotel. It is big and shiny. It has a security guard. It has wireless. It has available rooms!!!

It's 3:10 AM. I'm happy.


Anonymous said...

Hej Tabita!

Du har haft en jobbig dag, samma sak for mig, jag fick oregelbundet i Mjolby och var tvungen att aka hem.
Kram pappa

Charles said...

Okay, I think I've actually got you beat with this one. My Wednesday flight to NY was supposed to arrive at 5:30 EST, I didn't leave Milwaukee until 5:30 CST. Then, my return flight on Thursday got cancelled about 15 minutes after I got there (after the 45 minute trip to the airport), and nothing was available until morning. Then I got on a flight that they added last minute (last ticket as well), which was supposed to leave at 7:45 pm, but didn't actually leave until well after midnight.

All that for about 4 hours of meetings. Now I know what it feels like with some of the travel things you've had to deal with.

Tabita said...

Welcome to my world... This week, I was supposed to be on the 9:15 from BNA to MKE. The night before, they changed it to 11:50 AM. Then, on a whim, they changed to 10:41 AM. I found out at 10:20 AM, when I checked my voice mail on the way to the airport.

Yeh - I ended up on the 3:50 PM... Good times.