Monday, March 06, 2006

One big highlight

Todd asked last night: "What was the highlight of the day?" I started rattling off the various things we had done and realized: "It's all one big highlight!"

So here is the highlight broken down:

6 mile run in the hotel gym (yes - we're losers... we didn't feel like weathering the cold at Central Park - next time).

Breakfast at Ess-a-Bagel - yum.

Walking around in the Village and browsing hand-made jewelry. I *love* that stuff.

Lunch at a mediocre Thai restaurant. Ok - not a highlight, but it taught us that breaking out of our research and planning mode even for one small meal can be disastrous... :)

A loooong afternoon stroll in Central Park. Whew - I bet we walked 6 miles or more over the course of the day (not counting the morning run, of course). I particularly enjoyed the breaks on the bench parts.

Dinner at a cozy Italian restaurant on 44th Street - Osteria Al Doge. We got to sit on the second floor overlooking the rest of the restaurant, so that was cool. I felt like I was in "Love Actually".

Running from the restaurant to the subway station to our hotel back to the subway station back to Broadway - just so I could change into nice outfit for the show. Rent was awesome. The performers were awesome. The twizzlers I ate during the show were awesome. The trip back to the hotel was awesome (because we weren't running).

Falling asleep to the end of the Oscars. Why do I even watch? Todd already knows ahead of time who is going to win every category.

Now we're getting ready to check out before we head out for some final shopping. Yay for shopping!

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katie said...

glad to hear how much you're enjoying your mini-vaca.