Sunday, February 04, 2007

Not really back...?

Todd checks my blog daily. It's so cute that I just have to blog today so that I don't have to be responsible for another disappointing blog check.

Had another insano week last week... Nashville to Waukesha to Charlotte to Atlanta to Nashville - all in five days.

Charlotte was the most insane. I got to the hotel on Tuesday evening and the first thing I asked when I checked in was: "Is there wireless in the room?" (I had a lot of pressing internet-required work) The guy said: "Yes - but I should warn you - it's been down for most of the day, but they're working on it." Well, apparently they were still working on it by the time I left the next morning at 6:45 AM (EST - extra painful) to find a cafe with better service.

I took care of business early in the morning and was back at the airport around 9 AM. I naively guessed that I was on United Airlines (since that was my airline from WI to NC), so I walked up to the check-in counter to get my boarding pass and check my back. They searched in their database, but I was nowhere to be found. Guh - so I had to open up my laptop to find my itinerary.

Oh - oops - Delta. So I headed over to Delta, checked in, and got in line at security. As I was putting all my stuff on the security belt, I realized something was missing. My favorite elephant shawl from India - Delhi, to be precise. I must have left it where I sat down to figure out my airline. Quick decision making time: Was it worth the trouble to get all the stuff off the belt, put my boots back on, and run across the airport to get my shawl? My brain decided that: Yes, it was. So I did just that and sure enough, there it was on the floor under the chair where I had been sitting. Sigh of relief.

The fun continues... I got to Atlanta and took the shuttle to Hertz. No name on the board... Yes, I am a Gold member. What the heck? Out with the laptop again to find car reservation. The guy didn't bother to wait for that - he simply got me a new reservation. Yay! (not until today did I discover that the reservation was actually with Alamo - oops again)

But had I bothered to get directions from the airport to our offices in Buckhead? No. It made for a fun-filled drive. I am a mess!!!! Just to make things even more fun, I thought that I was supposed to be at the Sheraton when I was really supposed to be at the Marriot. Sheraton was NC. Triple oops.

Whew - I'm getting tired just writing about it. It will come as no surprise that I spent most of the weekend chilling on the couch. Utterly exhausted. Now I'm back to normalish and Becka is sick, so I get another day at home. It all works out in some weird way.

Btw - I totally missed the Super Bowl... Does that make me a bad American?


Katie said...

not really. I might be worse. when I came to the office this AM, I was informed that the Bears lost, and I had to ask 'against who?', as I had forgotten....and the past 2 years before this I have skipped it for the "Super Charmed Sunday" on TNT. please don't tell anyone. it's embarrasingly girly and unamerican. :o)

David said...

In case Caroline is reading...

See?! I'm not the only brainy, hip and otherwise together person who travels by the seat of my pants!