Tuesday, July 19, 2005

cool car

So in my distress last night, I forgot to mention the highlight of the day which was going for a ride in my friend Ted's new Lotus. It is swell. And small. And cute.

It helped me take my mind off the worries for a good 30 minutes.

Thanks Ted!


Balaji said...

Is it the Elise or Espirit?
How about a picture?... please!

Tabita said...

check it out here: http://somniloquist.net/lotus/

Tabita said...

sorry that link doesn't work... not sure why... lemme try again:

lotus pics

Tabita said...

Oh - and it's the Elise. But I guess you could figure that out from the pics... ;)

appwiz said...

The specs are at http://www.puresportscar.com/specs.php