Monday, October 10, 2005

i'm back in the country...

Yeh - just so ya'll know... :)

But, not in Nashville.

Nope - I'm at a fun-filled UIE conference in Cambridge, MA. This is the first conference I've attended as a professional. Makes me feel so grown up.

My hotel room rocks. Bed is the most comfortable ever. I need to find out where they buy their pillows. Probably have their own Marriott pillow factory...

Just got back from my first run since before India. I can not tell you how good I feel right now. It was tough and I only managed 50 minutes, but whew does it feel fantastic.

Todd has gotten into this insane running kick and is now running farther and faster than me. Scary. I need to get in good shape before the Habitrot on Thanksgiving morning so that he doesn't leave me in the dust. (I'm really proud of you, honey!)

OK - time to shower and find some food. It's cold outside, but I really don't feel like eating in the hotel restaurants. And I also have lots of work to do and don't really have time to spend an hour on dinner. Hmmm - the great dilemmas we face in life. I guess I'll figure it out.

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