Monday, October 17, 2005

secret date and other weekend happenings...

What!?!?! Has it already been 5 days. Good Lord!

My life has been insane! So I tried to leave Boston on Thursday night, but there was some "mechanical problem," so that didn't work out. Spent another night there on a Delta voucher and got up at 3:30 AM to catch the 4:00 AM shuttle to take me to my 6:10 flight. And yes - my luggage had already gone, so I was quite nasty by then. Flight gets delayed in Atlanta due to bad weather and 50 aircraft ahead of us in the line. Good times.

Finally arrive in Nashville after having to cancel four conference calls and two meetings. I have about 6 hours before I have to be at a rehearsal dinner for a friend's wedding. 1) Go to VS to get a strapless bra. Check. 2) Go home and take a shower. Check. 3) Go to the office and say hi to everybody and answer India questions. Check. Whew - almost fall asleep up there in the sanctuary.

Saturday was filled with wedding fun. It was beautiful. The bride was beautiful. The groom cried and made all the brides maids (except me) cry. Party was swell because it had a chocolate fountain. Most adults were more excited about the Martini Slide. Todd and I danced. Rebecka danced more. She was *not* happy when it was time to go.

OK, OK, OK, I'm getting to the secret date. All I knew was we had to leave at 5, I needed to wear something nice (like my little black dress), and it involved dessert (that information I was not supposed to know, but it came out during the course of the day).

It was the best date ever... Appetizers, wine, dessert, and live music at the F Scott's Restaurant and Jazz Bar. Todd had done his research and provided the perfect evening. Everything from wine selection to etiquette to a nice gift waiting at home.

Man, I'm sooooo lucky.

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Todd said...

It was a great evening for me too! Maybe by next time, I'll work up the courage to order red wine.