Sunday, January 08, 2006

tired, busy, and happy...

Whew - the weeks just fly by. It is pure craziness!

Last night, my hubby took me for an early birthday dinner at Tin Angel. Cozy doesn't even begin to describe that place... I had the Mahi Mahi special with sweet potato fries. Oh my gosh! Too good. It was a swell evening.

This morning, I had to get up early to go sing at the early service at our church. I sang a song from Sweden called "River of Love." It felt good to be singing in church again after over 6 months of nothing. Rebecka and I sang a duet in the 11 o'clock service - she got lots of compliments!! :)

OK - so now for the happy part... ;) I ate tiramisu today! I love it so much. It means "pick me up" or something like that in Italian and boy is that the right phrase for that dessert. I'm still in heaven (although I may soon have to go back to the fridge for another piece)...

Sophie is still nuts. But oh so cute. I'll be giving her a bath today. Joy.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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