Friday, January 12, 2007

Nordic Sweets

I'm up north for the weekend. It's big release weekend. Big deployment and data migration.

Lot's of stress.

Our wonderful administrative assistant ordered lunch for us (like on most other days). I was difficult. It was Mexican. I finally decided on cheese quesadillas (light on the cheese) with guacamole. When I walked into the dorm room (development headquarters) to get my food, one of my colleagues was eating it. He was disappointed that it was mine. I let him have it. He needed it more than me. I wasn't that hungry anyway.

Around 2:30 I got hungry. I decided to go to the grocery store. I gathered several delightful items like gourmet cereal, soy milk, bananas, and fruit leather. Then I went down the candy isle (it is one of those days) and guess what I found!?!?! Salty licorice fish! So amazing. I have never stumbled across this delightful candy anywhere in this country. I picked up a bag.

When I got to the registry, I realized that I had forgotten my wallet. I asked the cashier if I could give her my credit card number verbally. She said no. I almost started crying. I was so tired and hungry and stressed. So I went back to the office and got my wallet. And went back to the store. And paid for my stuff.

I already ate all the salty licorice fish. I will probably have a stomach ache soon. It will be worth it.

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Katie said...

delightful :o)
I can just imagine the disappointment at the cash register...if only you weren't so so looking forward to each one of those items, huh?
hope the release went/is going good.