Saturday, May 28, 2005


Ok - it's official. The Atlanta IKEA is finally opening on June 29!!! Isn't this exciting!?!?

I guess I'll be in Sweden when that happens, where I can go to IKEA every day if I want to... But still!!! It is quite thrilling. I'll be taking a field trip down there at my earliest convenience after returning to this country. It'll be swell.

Ok - back to relaxing. :)


Anastasia said...

We're getting one in Canton, MI, too!!! I remember the first time I went to Ikea in Schaumburg, Illinois. I cried tears of joy. I'm really not joking. I literally cried as I surveyed it's magnificent simplicity. Finally, a kindred! ;)

Jason said...

hey thats great, check out my blog

note: phillip needs the cardboard

appwiz said...

The IKEA in DFW opens on August 3. Any recommendations for a good first purchase?

katie said...

IKEA is the coolest!!