Saturday, May 07, 2005

morning run

Start off slow... No watch, no idea how far I will be going. I'm tuning in to the birds chirping, gazing at the blue sky, and enjoying the warm spring sunrays on my body.

Turn left to get onto one of the famous Brentwood "pikes" to see where it will take me. Pass the big white house with the brown fence - 1.5 miles - this is my only landmark that has a distance associated with it. Too early to turn around - keep going - past the big funky house with the musical notes fence. I'm sure there is a good story behind that one.

Greet occasional early morning runners as we pass each other. Cross a little river - how nice. Oh - and there is the park where Rebecka learned how to ride her bike. Wonder if she still remembers how...? It's been a while.

I guess I'll keep going.

Come to a fork in the road - left or right? There is a big hill on the right - I'll go left. Pass a horse farm. "Hi horses! You are very beautiful." Is it time to turn around yet? Not sure... I have no concept of time or distance. Ok, I'll turn around at the next traffic light. I hit the next traffic light. Ok, I'll go a little bit further and turn around at the next traffic light. I hit the next traffic light. I turn around.

Run is halfway done. I'm running faster now. Pass some fragrant flowers - mmm - lovely. My legs are begging to run faster, like a tired horse who knows she's getting close to home. "No, not yet. You'll be too tired at the end if you start speeding up now." I think about work, the day ahead, more work, friends. Woah - I forget that I'm running. Slow down - still to far to start pushing.

Eventually, I turn right to get back on the road that leads back to my starting point. "Ok legs, you can go now." And off they go. So fast that I have to stop and walk before it is really time to cool down. That's OK. Long cool-downs are good. I finally get back to the YMCA - it's been an hour. An amazingly beautiful and relaxing hour. "Hey legs, let's do it again soon!"

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Fluffy said...

Tab, I'm afraid you will have to send me the Cliff Notes version. Frankly, I couldn't stay awake for the full version of this monotonous story.

The Fluffer