Sunday, May 22, 2005

weekend update - part 2

Saree 4
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So, to the cultural experience...

Yesterday I spend a good 30 minutes dressing for a dance recital at the Hindu temple. Why 30 minutes, you may ask... Oh, well, just look at the picture. I had to take help from a website to figure it out. But it came out OK in the end. :)

Rohan wore his traditional Indian clothing as well and it was very cool. The dance recital was fun, but sleep-invoking. We left early after chatting with my friend Subba (who lent me the Saree) and came home and changed back into our normal selves.

Ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery followed and then movie at home. Nice day.

Now it's Sunday and work stuff is starting to occupy my brain again. Whew, better get out and do some more walking - it's such a good way to clear the mind.

Anyway, if anyone needs tips on how to put on a saree - I'm your gal. India, here I come. :)


Fluffy said...

Tab, it looks like you put it on the wrong way.

Oh, and by the way, I'm not missing you at all.

The Fluffer

Tabita said...


I actually got compliments on how well I put it on for it being the first time and all...

And - ditto.

Btw, Rohan was very disappointed that you were not here. He wanted a picture with you... Crazy boy!

Fluffy said...

You know what you are, Tab? You're a "saree" excuse for a human being.

Get it? I'm awesome.

Of course Rohan would want a picture with me. I'm the Fluffer.