Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i almost fainted today...

yep. it was not fun.

i was skating with becka at the skate center - mommy/becka date. it was dark, lights were flashing, smoke was coming out of the ceiling. a little kid skated out in front of me. in order not to hit the kid, i fell over and landed on my hand/hip/who knows what else. not too bad - got up and continued skating thinking, "man this hurts a lot more when you're an adult..."

anyway, i eventually got out of the rink and sat down at a table and looked at my hand. bad idea. it was kind of blue and swollen. i felt the faintness coming on. i put my head between my legs to try to ward it off. it didn't help, so i stumbled up to the closest human being and told her that i was about to faint. her response: "go home..." man - people are so stupid. i finally figured out on my own that i should probably lay down, so i did and put my legs up in the air. it helped. they found a nurse for me and she said just put some ice on the hand when i got home. a few glasses of water and spoons of snow cone later, i was able to get up and drive over to panera for dinner.

whew. i hate almost fainting...

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