Sunday, April 15, 2007

Things are crazy again...

I forced myself to have an "easy" month while my parents were here (miss you guys!) and now I am paying the price. It was worth it though... Taking a break now and then is very much required.

One thing I am still focused on though is making sure that I don't skimp on exercise and sleep. One disappointing thing right now is that my knee has decided to start acting up two weeks before the 1/2 marathon. I was only able to run 3 miles today (should have done 12...) and then I had to jump onto the elliptical. Fun! I am going to be super careful the next 12 days and hope for the best. At least I got an 11 mile run in a couple of weeks ago. Close enough.

Music recommendation of the week: Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics. I got the CD for Easter (and an iPod speaker - thanks baby!) and haven't stopped listening to it.

Easter was fun. Went to church and actually talked to some people. In the afternoon we did the traditional Easter lunch at Joanne's. Rebecka had fun playing with all her little friends and I kicked some serious ass playing Apples to Apples and Taboo. As I say, don't play if you don't think you can win... ;)

One more thing: I had a new tiramisu experience the other night. Todd went and picked up tiramisu from the Cheesecake Factory and it was just fabulous. It brought us to a conversation about what our favorite desserts are (mine is kind of obvious). Todd didn't really have one - until he figured out the right answer: "You are my favorite dessert..." And he scores!

Alright - back to work.

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katie said...

good luck for the 1/2 marathon! I hope to go watch (the hope being I can get myself outta bed in time on a saturday) let me know what y'all'll be wearing so I can look for you and CHEER! hugs