Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy Workaholics Day...?

Yesterday, I made an unusual stop on the world wide web at to find a birthday card for my lil' sis' (who happens to be born on July 4th). I expected to see a bunch of July 4th greeting cards, but the first one that showed up was a card with a puppy wearing a tie snoozing on top of a pile of papers with the caption "I'm Dreaming About You!."

Yes indeed, July 5th is "Workaholics Day." Apparently, this is the one day during the year that workaholics are supposed to take a break and smell the roses (or sleep). So it is conveniently located right next to a major holiday when most people are pretty OK with taking time off.

Does anybody else think this is totally insane??

Anyway, my two cents is that accusations of workaholism are unproportionately doled out to people in the corporate world. How often have you heard someone call a missionary a "workaholic" even if they work day and night? I think there is a fine line between passion and unhealthy behavior. I prefer to stay on the passion side of that line... However, sometimes it requires reminders from loved ones. Perhaps that is what this day is about? Reminding people to take a break and enjoy some other aspects of life. (And giving the greeting card industry one more opportunity to sell cards.)

So, what does workaholics day entail for me? Let's see:

  • Go to the gym and pump some iron

  • Purge the linen closet

  • Purge the guest bathroom

  • Purge the guest bedroom closet

  • Purge the hallway closets

  • Take high-quality purged stuff to Goodwill

  • Re-pack baby clothes and toys into nice (Swedish) Container Store boxes:

  • Cook salmon for the family

  • Watch a movie and relax (see, I can do it!)

I can't wait to start my day!


Chris said...

Good to you you at it again. More posts please!

By the way, I'll be logging in tonight to finish some work. Sigh. I must get some activities reassigned prior to going on vacation next week. Does that count as a "Workaholics Day" violation?

Tabita said...

Vacation prep is acceptable, since you're actually going on vacation. Good Job!

I've discovered that the only way to maintain a high work pace is to take quarterly vacations. It's working well for me three quarters into it.