Sunday, July 27, 2008

We made it...

So, yesterday I tried to blog from my phone. I was thinking that it would be a technology breakthrough for me, but it didn't work. When I realized that it wasn't going to work, I copied and pasted the post I had been working on (while driving through Chicago) into an email and sent it to myself. This also did not work for some unknown reason. To most people, this would probably be a sign not to pursue further the posting of said blog post. However, I am determined to give you some of the "highlights" from our trip (plus I emailed my dad that there would be move coverage on the blog). Hence, here we go again...

We didn't get a chance to leave our house until after 5 PM. At that point, we had to go and retrieve Sophie from the groomer. She smelled good and had little leopard-patterned bows in her hair. We fed her a "special bumper" (bumper with 1/4 of a sedative pill) so she would be calm for the trip. It totally worked. She was awesome.

We had some trouble finding the Comfort Suites hotel where we had reservations. This was mainly my fault, because I missed the exit (I was having fun looking at Indianapolis). Once we finally found it and started the check-in process, the lady at the front desk indicated that dogs were not allowed. I said, "Sure they are. You say so on your website." At this point, her computer system must have told her that she was dealing with an Elite Diamond member, because all of a sudden it was totally OK to have a dog and Sophie was the cutest thing ever. (Which she is.)

The hotel room was awesome. It was a brand new hotel. Sophie was not pleased though. She could not settle down and barked at the tiniest noice in the hallway (she was protecting us). We finally had to give her some more special medicine to catch some shut-eye, since we had five more hours to go in the morning.

Five hours - hahahahaha. Driving through Chicago and beyond proved not to be a laughing matter. It took forever!!! At one point, we had to take a break and magically stumbled across a Panera in the middle of nowhere. It was a nice surprise (but not nice enough to balance the painful 10 miles/hour drive).

Anyway, we finally made it to Wisconsin and started the moving in process. I think one of the reasons I love to move, is because I get to create a new home. Going to Target to get the new dishpan, toilet brushes, and doormats is so thrilling. Putting everything in it's proper place and figuring out the best way to organize everything in the kitchen is totally exciting to me.

We capped our busy day off with some custard at Kopp's. We sat outside and it was slightly chilly. In July.

Hello Wisconsin!

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