Saturday, August 16, 2008


I'm getting back into it. I've signed up for Race for the Cure here in Milwaukee. I'm pumped! I have a training schedule that will not just allow me to finish, but race (at least that's the claim...)! Training plans really help me. They allow me to not have to think about what my workout should be at 5 AM in the morning. I'd rather be thinking about solving the world's problems.

Todd and I ran our 3.5 mile loop this morning. The Milwaukee air is awesome. No more sweltering heat. Birch trees abound. As do fir trees.

Sophie likes Wisconsin. She gets to go on walks several times per day (because there is no fenced-in back yard... in fact, there is no back yard).

After lunch, Rebecka and I ran around Target trying to complete the school supply shopping. It was exhausting. There were a lot of very snippy parents. I tried to be calm and collected. It would be cool if Target could stock protractors right before school. Seems like they would like to buy a few extra of those during the weeks before school is about to start. Just my two cents...

Off to do some birthday shopping for Todd. His birthday is tomorrow. But first, we must stop at Kopp's for some frozen custard, because the flavor of the day is cookie dough.

Who can pass that up??

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