Sunday, August 31, 2008

Most stupid weight loss suggestion to date...

I get a "Healthy Living" newsletter in my inbox most every day. Today, the subject line was "25 Ways to Lose Weight." Generally, I feel like I do pretty much everything in my power to be healthy and manage my weight, so I thought it might be interesting to read this list to see if I was still missing something.

Way #1 was to drink green tea. OK, so I don't do that, because it doesn't appeal to my taste buds. I kept reading... Eat cereal (check), consider peanut butter (check), etc, etc. Then I came to way #14:

"Weigh down your remote."

What does this mean? My first (naive) instinct was that the author was going to tell me to watch less TV (since the average American watches four or so hours per day), because that would be a great way to lose some weight (I prematurely assigned a "check"). But boy was I wrong...

By attaching a 2-pound weight to your remote (with a piece of string or a rubber band), you'll get a little exercise every time you lift it, says Nonas. "Sometimes people will lift the weight a couple of times between channels or will stand and walk around with it. It gets you going and moving."

Wow, why didn't I think of that?

I'm officially unsubscribed to the the Healthy Living newsletter.

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