Friday, January 23, 2009

A Book That Made Me Break My Rule

OK, I broke my rule about "not buying new books from until I read the ones I have" (still three to go). This is because I found out that the wonderfully inspiring book I just finished today, Three Cups of Tea, is now available in a new version adapted for young readers.

A few days ago, I had tried to get Rebecka started on the original version, but there were "too many big words." I was kind of bummed about it, because I really feel that every child in the developed world should know this story in order to better appreciate the privilege of free quality education. Then today, I joined the Central Asia Institute Facebook group and followed a link to an MSNBC interview with Greg Mortenson and his daughter, Amira. I checked it out and realized it was a promo for this new book. Two minutes later, I purchased it on (along with a few more books to get the order up to $25.00 for the FREE Super Saver Shipping) for Rebecka.

If you haven't read the book yet, please do. It will change your life and how you look at the world, priorities, and the ability for individuals to make a difference.

Peace to you...

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