Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Peeled Snacks

I'm in the Nashville airport. It's 7 PM. I haven't eaten dinner, but I'm not super hungry, because I had a big lunch, ate the leftovers for my "afternoon snack," and subsequently had a Starbucks hot chocolate around 5 PM. I don't want anything sugary. All the bags of nuts contain at least four servings. (And I will eat all of it once I start...)

What to do??
Then I see it, hanging innocently on the rack with the rest of the "health food": A bright, happy, red bag of goodness. I have discovered peeled snacks. Two modest servings of fruit and nuts. No more. No less. No added sugar. No added fat. Just the following ingredients: Dried fruit (peaches, apples, Bing cherries) and dry roasted nuts. 300 healthy calories. Just what I need - andit tastes heavenly!
If I could just get all airports to carry this fantastic product, one of my travel stresses would go away.
This product rocks!

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