Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dental Fun...

When I went to my new dentist for a routine checkup a few weeks ago, he determined that I had some decay under my one and only (and very problematic) crown. Sweet! In order to be able to eat all the Christmas goodies (including some very sticky and chewy stuff), I decided to hold off until after the holidays. Until today, in fact.

Yes indeed, starting at 9 AM, I had massive amounts of shots in my mouth (I prefer that to any risk of real pain), my current crown (which was not good enough) popped out of my mouth, and an hour of laying back with a plastic shield stuck in my mouth while Dr. Tang removed the decay and rebuilt my tooth ($200). They then did all the "putty" stuff for my new porcelain crown ($1,200 - thank God for dental insurance!), which I messed up on the first try by opening my month (I was mildly scolded for this incident) and finally stuck a temporary crown on my stump of a tooth.

Post-op (didn't know this was considered surgery, but anyway...) instructions: 400 mg of Motrin every 4-6 hours for 3 days and peroxide and water mix two times a day until the next visit (yay - there's a next visit!). Sounds manageable. Last time, I think I just suffered in silence after the same procedure.

Now I'm just waiting for the numbness to go away, because I'm starving!

I think some ice cream is in order...


Anonymous said...

Poor Tabita,
I think I know what you went through. I went to the dentist this week too. Pain to be paid for. But it feels better afterwards.

Big hug

Tabita said...

I hope your dentist visit wasn't as bad as mine!