Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I know, I know. Mother's Day happened a couple of weeks ago. In the US, that is.

Today is Mother's Day in Sweden. So, I thought I'd tell my mom Happy Mother's Day! (I called her as well, but one can't get too many well-wishes...)

I also received a belated Mother's Day gift the other day from my favorite daughter (which she found when she cleaned out her locker). It is one of the most awesome gifts I've ever received. The outside is unassuming (a simple notebook), but the inside holds a 6th grade Poetry Journal.

I thought I'd share one of the poems (haiku style) with you:


Trees looking peaceful.
Swaying, blowing, and growing.
Birds, leaves, and much more.

By Rebecka Green

I like trees. A lot. I can see the green trees, standing tall and slightly swaying in the wind. Birds are flying to their nests to feed their young ones. The air is fresh with tree fragrance.

What a wonderful gift. I wish more gifts were of this kind. Creative, sustainable, loving, simple, and personal. Think about a gift you can give that is really from you. Perhaps it is a knitted scarf (like I received from my mom last Christmas) or a painting. It could be a tin of homemade cookies or a babysitting gift-certificate for tired parents. Or why not record a CD of yourself singing or playing?

The opportunities are endless. Get creative with your gift-giving, have fun, and make someone feel incredibly special.


Anonymous said...

Ttck för morsdagshälsningen, Tabita!
Thanks for the greeting for Mother´s Day!
Kram, mamma

Anonymous said...

Skulle naturligtvis vara: TACK för morsdagshälsningen. mamma