Sunday, May 10, 2009

Star Trek Fun and the Joy of Biking

Yesterday afternoon, the whole family went to see Star Trek. Todd had reserved tickets for the 3:30 PM showing in the "dinner theater." Instead of normal seating, the theater has tables and waiters walking around taking your orders. It's pretty sweet. We left an hour before the movie was supposed to start so we could get seats together and it was a good thing, because there were already a bunch of people there. The movie was awesome. Star Trek holds a special place in my heart, because during our first year of dating (spring semester), I would leave the library every night at midnight and go over to Todd's dorm room and watch an episode of the original series. Todd wrote an award-winning paper on the social commentary of Star Trek: cold war, feminism, racism, etc... It was a great introduction to US culture.

Anyway, when we were getting ready to leave the theater, I noticed that Todd had left his watch on the table. So I said in a pretty smart-ass tone: "Do you want to keep your watch?" I then spotted Rebecka's iPod on the table. I asked her the same question. They were feeling slightly sheepish and I was feeling pretty smug when Todd picked an object off the table and asked: "And do you want to keep your sunglasses?" Classic...

This morning, I took my bike out for the first ride of the year. I decided to bike to my office to see how long it would take, since I've been thinking about biking to work on Wednesdays. It was awesome!!!! I forgot how much I love biking. It took exactly 30 minutes, which is perfect. That way, I'll get my hour of cardio for the day and transportation to and from work as a bonus. There is one scary part where I have to cross a fairly large road, but I think it will be OK. I'm looking forward to getting the routine started this week. Biking makes me happy.

Live long and prosper.

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