Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Actual count: 38

My bug bites kept me up half the night and bothered me so much throughout the day, that I eventually broke down and drove to Walmart (not because I like Walmart, but because it was the only place I knew of with a pharmacy) to see if I could find something helpful in the pharmacy section.

I told a nice lady behind the "consultation" desk my problem and she guided me to the Benadryl - Extra Strength Anti Itch section (they were conveniently out of the generic version).

As I raced back to the hotel to put the stuff on, it felt like it was getting worse every minute (my brain is kind of crazy like that). When I finally got there (btw, they put me in a very cushy room to make up for the mishap of putting me in a smoking room - I love good customer service) and started putting it on, I thought that it might be fun to count how many bites I really have.



Todd said...

Well, can we have a picture???

Tabita said...

well, i took a couple with my camera phone, but they were just too disgusting to put on the world wide web... i'll show you when i get home.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Fluffy be revelling in this right now? I was expecting at least one of the two comments to be from the Fluffster.


Fluffy said...

Tab, remember what I always tell you - if you have a medical problem, just take sleeping pills. About 20 of them should do the trick in your case.

Anonymous said...


Tabita blogging without Fluffy is like Laverne without Shirley.