Sunday, July 16, 2006

My TODO list...

...has 56 bullets. This is just for work.

Took care of some of my TODOs for home this weekend: Exchanging Sophie's luxurious bed for a larger (and more expensive) luxurious bed, returning banged-up luggage (they said bring it back if anything breaks - i guess they did not envision 2 India trips and weekly domestic travel), trying on clothes and deciding that currently I'm right in between size 4 and 6 (two solutions: gain 5 pounds or loose 5 pounds - i'm going with the second option), getting Prasad's mail, and paying all the bills. Whew!

Today it's work, work, work. Better get to it.

1 comment:

Fluffy said...

Fluffy's TODO List:

1. Hate Tabita with greater intensity than yesterday.
2. Sit on Rebecka's bed.
3. Put rat poison in Tabita's drinking water.
4. Stare.
5. Raise funds for the Tabita Elimination Program (TEP)
6. Snuggle with my owner.
7. Call prospective hitmen and get quotes on the "Tabita job".
8. Ring the bell on my neck.
9. Devise ways to have Tabita infected with the bubonic plague.
10. Sing "Home on the Range" without it being too "pitchy"
11. Convince Tabita that water moccasins really do make great pets.
12. Go on a diet.
13. Contact the local police and falsey accuse Tabita of first-degree murder.
14. Try to see if I can close my eyes.
15. Consolidate TODO list so that more of the focus is on ridding the world of Tabita.