Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Garage Cleaning

Garage Cleaning 3
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So, we have been in our house for 10 months and for all those months our garage has been a wreck. At some point I moved things around so that we could at least get one car in there (since that is the purpose for garages), but we were never able to get to 100% (or even 55%).

Last weekend I had a revelation that we would spend 4th of July cleaning out the garage - and it materialized (I have this amazing power to get my husband to do whatever I want him to do). We spent most of the day tearing boxes and sweeping and driving things to Goodwill and sweeping some more and the result was amazing...

We can actually fit both cars into the garage now. It is so exciting! Apparently, the car is much cooler if it's been sitting in the garage during the summer and much less icy if it's been sitting in the garage during the winter. I can't wait to experience this for myself.

Now we're exhausted and plan to spend the evening watching the fireworks from our house - because we can do that.

Happy 4th!

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mamma said...

Bra jobbat, Todd och Tabita!