Tuesday, July 04, 2006


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Spent a good 4-5 hours at IKEA yesterday. We started with the "browse". This is when you walk through the store, making notes of what you may want to pick up later and check on availability of larger items.

Second came lunch. This is when we eat Swedish meatballs in the IKEA restaurant. Oh, I forgot that before "browse", we did a mini-browse of the Swedish food shoppe and sampled Swedish food.

Third was the actual picking up of the items. By this time, we were kind of tired, but kept reminding ourselves about how much less "jobbigt" this was than our last trip (when we spent approximately 12 hours there).

Fourth was going back to the food shoppe and getting all the Swedish food. Todd was set on frozen Swedish meatballs. He bought two packs. This was the cause for step #5:

Drive off and find the nearest gas station to buy ice to make sure that the meatballs survive the 4-hour drive back to Nashville.

It all ended well. We still have one piece of furniture to put together - but that is it!!

I'm sure I'll be back within a month.

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