Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm back!

Sorry about the blogging hiatus. It's realease time in my world, which is like finals week. The difference is that your entire grade depends on this one program and it is a group project (eek!).

Anyway, I know it's been hard for you, my faithful audience (of 3).

Sad things today:

- I ate the last of my favorite Swedish cereal (Crunchy). I've had it since June. That is what I call rationing!
- Todd bit his tongue. It is still bleeding.
- Rebecka beat me severely in Dance Dance Revolution.

Happy things today:

- We're going shopping.
- I'm still in my pjs.
- I get to spend time with my favorite people.

Bye now.


Anonymous said...

Rebecka better be practicing her DDR... because otherwise, she's going to get stomped by her Apple D.


Tabita said...

She is in hard core training to make sure that does NOT happen. :)