Saturday, October 13, 2007

New stuff...

My new backpack arrived this week. No more carrying my backpack backwards through the airport because the right shoulder strap is broken. :)

I also replaced my sunglasses today. The old pair broke last week. I generally don't replace stuff until the previous item breaks or becomes useless in some way (like goes out of style...). My new shades are even more movie star like. (yes!)

Today, I purchased a new dress for the autumn wedding lineup. Yes, I am going to re-wear it, because the two weddings are mutually exclusive (aside from Todd). This dress is different. It is black. Apparently these days it's OK to wear black to weddings as long as it is "festive." This is festive alright - in a very "witchy" way.

We also received a box full of shoes from Zappos. One of the pairs worked. Yay! They're cute.

Rebecka also got a pair for the wedding she is going to be in (Apple David and Care Bear). Everything is coming together... (amazing)

Hmmm - what else? Sophie got a pumpkin outfit for Halloween. It was too big. I'll have to exchange it for a size small.

I feel like I have fallen into the pits of consumerism... I better not buy anything for at least a week to make up for it.

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