Saturday, December 06, 2008

Christmas at Luther

This weekend, Rebecka, Sophie, and I drove to Decorah, IA to see Todd. In fact, in one day, I flew from Nashville to Milwaukee and turned around and drove to Iowa. This was not planned, but cancelled flights happen.

Anyway, the reason we decided to come this weekend was so that we could attend the acclaimed Christmas at Luther concert. As PBS describes it:

"Celebrate the joy, faith and traditions of Christmas as the renowned music ensembles of Luther College bring you Christmas at Luther, marking 27 years of sharing the seasonal gift of music with an annual concert. More than 600 musicians, including six choirs, Christmas Brass and Percussion, Symphony Orchestra, and Luther's handbell choir, present traditional holiday carols and sacred Christmas anthems."

It was a well choreographed production with choirs moving around between songs and alternation of instrumental pieces, choral pieces, and sing-along Christmas carols. I was expecting at least one "Nordic" song and was not disappointed when close to the end, one of the choirs did the song Wonderful Peace (Jul, Jul, Strålande Jul). You can hear the Swedish version of it here (although it's much better with harmony).

After the event, we exited the concert hall and stepped into a small blizzard. I felt like I was in one of the Little House on the Prairie books. The Ingalls familiy actually lived in this part of the country. I can now understand why the cattle froze to death... Thankfully, we made it home OK.

Today, we spent a significant part of the day trying to fix a broken lint filter (yes, I broke it...) for the Decorah dryer. I now have super glue on five fingers. But that's a different story...

Stay warm!

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