Monday, December 01, 2008

Getting Rid of Junk Mail

The contents of my mailbox today: Six pieces of direct mail. Guh!

Just yesterday, I found a good article on regarding slowing down the steady stream of junk mail that magically finds you whether you want it or not. It pointed out two sites which help you take the first steps toward junk mail freedom:

DMA Choice: This site allows you to take care of several categories of junk mail such as catalogs and magazine subscriptions. This site helps you get off the lists used by credit card and insurance companies (yes!).

It really didn't take much time at all to register for these services. Now, I will probably have to notify some companies specifically to get off their lists (think companies from which I've bought stuff). This will start tomorrow with the six that were in my mailbox today.

Btw, I love the label on the "Valpak Savings" mailing: "TO THE CONSUMER AT..." I am now "The Consumer." Lovely.

The good news is that I received the following communication from our apartment association: "Go Green with Our Email Option!" I can now get all their communications via email. I'm signing up...


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