Thursday, April 14, 2005

CNN question of the day

So, this morning, the CNN question of the day with Jack Cafferty was something like: "Should Wisconsin allow cat hunting?" Apparently there are 8 million stray cats in this country. I wonder if we can get this allowed in Tennessee??

Completely different topic: As I am always pressed for time, I'm always thinking about ways to make my life more efficient. So, today, I had a break-through in the locker room. Every time after my workout, I walk over to this shelf to get three plastic bags to put my stinky clothes/shoes in (don't ask about the '3' part - it's all very logical to me). Anyway, I spend several seconds standing there, tearing off bag by bag. Today, I realized that I could tear off all three in one tear and do the individual tearing of the bags on the way back to my locker - saving several precious moments. Very exciting.

And a small side-note: why the heck did the YMCA powers-at-be switch to cinnamon-flavored mouthwash??? It's disgusting!!


Balaji said...

You get mouthwash at the Y?

The plastic bag tearing process optimization is an example of the IE in you! :p

Tabita said...

Oh - I go to the super delux YMCA in Brentwood - home of the country music stars... :)

We also have a shoe shining guy and loaner umbrellas (should it be raining when you leave the gym and you left your umbrella in the car). Just to mention a few perks... :)

I love it!

katie said...

yes, my brother called me to ask if the cat hunting proposal was real. heh. what they wont try and kill...
cinnamon?! yuck!