Sunday, April 10, 2005

has it really been since wednesday???


It's been a busy week - that's for sure. But - 4 days with no entry!?! This is absurd. Well, I guess the few moments that I've been free, the weather has been so nice that I haven't wanted to sit at the computer.

I guess I'll start with yesterday, cause that's as far back as I can remember... Awesome run - first "almost-6-miler" since my knee started acting up way back when. Pleasant visit to the shiny, new Publix across the street from my office. I love that store!!! Hmmm. Oh - yeah. Birthday Party at the Nashville Humane Association! How could I forget? Rebecka and her little friends had a fun-filled time doing crafts, playing games, and learning about animals. Somebody knew her quite well and got her - yes, you guessed it - a stuffed animal cat. I'm not sure how Fluffy is handling this new rival.

Later on that evening, Rebecka and I went with my friend Subba and her girls to a dance recital at Vanderbilt. It was awesome! I love dance. So much. My favorites are the ethnic ones like Indian and West African. The Indian dance was set to Ellai Illa Inbam. Sound familiar, oh readers from India? I think if I were to pick up dance, it would be African - it is so intense.

Good day all in all. Yep. And today the sun is shining on a clear blue sky with little fluffy clouds gliding around up there. It is absolutely heavenly. We went to the park for a while to soak up the beauty of the day. Wow! Ok - I'm hungry. I'm going to help Todd cook (I know - it's shocking).


Fluffy said...

Tab, no one can rival me for Rebecka's affections. She loves me more than anyone else in the house - that, by the way, includes you. I'm the center of Rebecka's universe!!

Tabita said...