Saturday, April 30, 2005

shoe trauma

So, I have the weirdest feet ever. Those of you who know me well already know this, but for the rest of you: They're short, they're wide, and the toes bend up in a weird angle which makes my dear husband say that they are "deformed" (in a very loving and sweet way...).

So, when it comes to buying shoes, it is like trying to fit a camel through the eye of a needle (for you biblical scholars out there). Finding winter shoes (or closed toe shoes) is not so bad, because nobody really knows that there is an inch or two of space in the front. However, trying to buy cute sandals for the summer is hellish.

The first three attempts to find the perfect black, strappy sandal was spent in local shoe stores in the Cool Springs shopping area. No luck. At Dillards, we even got an Egyptian shoe expert to help us, but after he measured my foot and told me I was a 5 1/2 M, I just laughed and moved on to the next store.

The next attempt was to order three pair of 5 1/2 W sandals from the one and only They showed up within a couple of days (their service rocks), but alas, my poor feet couldn't squeeze into any of them. So they stood in my hallway for a week until I found 5 minutes to print out the return slip and drop them by the UPS store.

At that point I pretty much gave up and decided to wait until I can go to India, where they apparently have stores that will make any shoe in the store to order. It sounds like a magical country.

Then I got impatient and irritated and decided to see if there were any 5 1/2 WW sandals that fit my criteria for a cute, black, strappy sandal. Results returned:

I ordered them. They're borderline - could work, but a tad wider would be nice.

Search for 5 1/2 EE Black Dressy Sandals returns:

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Fluffy said...

Tab, you are one big walking trauma.

Fluffy the Cat

MD said...

Yeah, well let me say it's no picnic having the situation the other way around. My first pair of baby shoes were custom jobs because there weren't any out there long and slender enough to fit!

As I got older, my shoe size began to equal my age...very frightening, and then all my shoe had to be ordered from speciality shops until I was in my earky twenties. My mother said it would be easier to buy shoes, throw them away and let me wear the boxes. Up to then I wore a 10 AAAA and my feet finally spread out to a wider 10 AA...mmmmm hmmmm.

Then middle age came on and now I wear an 11 AA. Next time you're out looking, see what's available in those sizes! I often ask to look in the sasquatch department...

Thank goodness summer is coming and I can wear Tevas, Birks, and Keens...I have often threatened to spray my feet black and just act naturally.

Good luck in your shoe endeavors!

Big Foot

Tabita said...

I feel your pain!!!