Thursday, August 31, 2006

1 lb down, 9 to go...

Well, that was Monday morning. Now I have been in WI for a couple of days and eaten not the healthiest food in the world. But - I have also gone for two runs with my pal Katie. And this morning another colleague joined us and really pushed us pretty hard - it was great!

Btw, I'm back!!! As far as running goes. On Sunday, I did an hour run and felt like I could have gone on forever. Yay!

Considering that I'm still at work and it is 1:22 AM, I probably won't go for a run tomorrow. It's deployment time. Fun! Pizza galore. At least this time, I remembered to give a tip to the delivery guy. He seemed glad to know that I was not brain-dead today.

I'm rambling, am I not? Because I feel like a zombie... Too much of a zombie to actually work, but yet I feel like I need to be here and support the team. My eyes are so dry that my contacts keep sticking to my eyeballs - not good.

I need sleep. Lots of it. Why in the world did I agree to an 8 o'clock in the morning? Craziness.


katie said...

hey friend! I missed our runs these past 2 days. those runs were great! :o)

Tabita said...

me too! i skipped thursday and on friday i ran on the crappy treadmill in the lodge. wanna do YMCA on tue morning?