Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My hotel...

...this week has an indoor water park. it is so big that they gave me a map to guide me to my room... which is an "executive suite," but doesn't even have a refrigerator for me to keep my water and rice milk in.

yes, my ritual these days is to go to the organic grocery store the first evening i'm here (WI) and stock up for the week: rice milk, soy milk, cherries, bananas, various organic granola bars, and fruit leather. no need to go out for dinner with such treats "at home."

today, i tried the evening workout concept. it was awesome! i watched Friends for an hour and ran almost 6 miles. felt so good. now a shower and some random sitcom later, i think it's time for bed. i'm trying all kinds of new things - like not working right up until it's time for bed. let's see how it goes.

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