Tuesday, August 21, 2007


That is the number of my WI hotel room this week. I actually requested it. It's a nice room. It has a king bed. It has a bench at the end of the bed for my suitcase. It is not pool side. It has a flat screen TV.

I forgot to bring my deodorant this week. (Better than last week when I forgot some very vital pieces of undergarments and ended up having to go to Victoria's Secret for an emergency shopping spree - actually, not really a bad thing...) Anyway, I probably stink after being in "Hotlanta" all day. I also just noticed that I left my brand new facial cleanser at the Buckhead Courtyard where I stayed last night. Great... At least now I have a compelling reason to go to the grocery store and get these things. It would be difficult to muster up the energy for only one item. Regardless, I need to get some Swedish salt licorice fish for my German friend (just found out she's a fanatic as well), so I guess I am destined for the grocery store tomorrow.

Swedish salt licorice fish are very nice in that I can walk around the whole office offering them to everybody and still have them all to myself. (I know, that's not very nice, but I never claimed to be very nice.)

Speaking of the grocery store, last week I actually let the nice grocery store lady talk me into getting a PickNSave card. She has been asking me for the past year if I have one and if I want to get one and finally last week I broke down. Why not? Not that they ever do promotions on Swedish salt licorice fish... But they do on oatmeal every now and then.

OK - I think it's time to devour the pillow mint. All this writing about food is making me "sugen".

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