Tuesday, August 07, 2007

travel stuff

1. Travel Safety and "Save the Cookie"

On the way back from Milwaukee this past Sunday with the family, I had the pleasure of riding in an airplane that was literally held together by duct tape and napkins:

Before we took off, they announced from the loud speakers that we were delayed because they were replacing a light bulb. I was thinking, maybe they should replace the aircraft! Gotta love Northwest!

I say: "Save the cookie"!

2. Fancy Norwegian Water

As I was picking up my to-go Grilled Salmon Salad from Monsoon in Brookfield, WI, I asked if I could have a couple of bottles of water. "Still or sparkling?" they ask. "Still."

They pull out two VOSS canisters. $4.00 each. Ouch! But oh so good.

3. "It's All About Me" Fortune

Today's fortune from the Grilled Salmon Salad dinner: "You will be happiest if you please yourself first." AMEN!

4. Hotel Improvements

This week, my standard hotel, the "Squirrelly Moose" aka Comfort Inn and Suites, started putting mints on the pillows like fancy hotels. It made my day!


Anonymous said...

Too funny. Duct tape. I'm off that plane. By the way, when is your company going to buy a condo up there for you!
Your only Nashville friend

Tabita said...

Don't know about a condo, but a private jet would be nice. :)