Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Back up and running...

So for those of you who don't know (maybe there is one of my three readers that I have not told), I've had knee problems ever since the half marathon back in April. This is completely my fault since I ran the whole race knowing very well that I probably shouldn't.

Anyway, I finally broke down and went to see my doctor. "Runner's Knee," she said... Makes sense. She also prescribed physical therapy. So I paid $100 to go twice and find out that I'm in rather "good shape" and as long as I do some stupid leg exercises every day and gradually ease back into running, I'll be OK. Cool!

So that is what I did. This week I've run 1/2 mile three times. Seems like it's going OK. Being in high heels all day yesterday didn't help, but whatever.

I have realized once again that I have to run. I'm a total emotional wreck without running. I get cranky, frustrated, anxious, overly stressed - you name it. Yay for running!

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