Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Project Planet

I admit. I throw my used towels on the hotel room bathroom floor every morning after I take a shower. I do it because it is fun, convenient, and it provides employment for somebody else. For years now, I have been ignoring the environmental signs that hang on the towel bar saying: "PLEASE REUSE THE TOWELS"

Some other week...

The way that I always think about it is: "This is really the hotel wanting to save money on laundry... What the heck?? Am I not paying for the luxury of being able to throw my towel on the floor?"

Anyway, last night I had a conversion experience. As I looked at the Project Planet sign in the bathroom, I thought: "Not hanging my towel up really goes against my otherwise green/liberal outlook on life. I need consistency here, so I don't feel like a hypocrite."

Thus, henceforth, I will hang up my towels for reuse the next day and be a good steward of Planet Earth.

(I'm sure it will last a whole whopping week... We all have our faults, don't we?)

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katie said...

did you know we have free curbside recycling in davidson county? I've been religiously sorting recyclables and driving them to krogers, but this week I have received my very own recyclables container! no more carting around recyclables in my car!!