Sunday, August 26, 2007

How well do we know each other?

Recently, Rebecka invented a new game called "The person_name Quiz". The way the game works is that the person whose person_name was inserted in the quiz name asks the rest of the group questions about him/herself. It is a good way of revealing who really knows the history and current state of the person in question.

I learned that I am very bad at "The Rebecka Quiz" when she starts getting into stuff about her school (like what was the name of her Kindergarten teacher). I also learned that her favorite color is periwinkle. Interesting.

I actually did pretty good on "The Todd Quiz". I knew his mother's maiden name and eventually even remembered that his grandfather's name was Thirstin (he had to give me the first letter). Some of this information I memorized before our infamous interview at the Swedish Embassy
over 13 years ago where we had to prove that we weren't just pretending to be engaged so that Todd could sneak into Sweden... Good times.

I also rocked at "The Fluffy Quiz":

"Who do I hate most in the world?" Answer: Tabita
"Who do I wish would go to 'H-E-Double Hockey Sticks'?"
Answer: Tabita

etc, etc...

Sophie (our dog - yes, she talks) really stumped us with this one:

"What is my favorite toy this week?"

Apparently, it is the snake, not the ferret, which is what I guessed. I did however know that Sophie's favorite place to lick "Miss Tabita" is "On her feet and ankles!" and that Sophie's favorite thing to do when we are trying to brush her is "Bite!".

Anyway, in all seriousness, it is a very good exercise in discovering the areas where you might need to invest some more time to get to know your friends and family better (if that is what you want).

Ask questions - it makes people feel good and you get to know them better at the same time.

I'm really preaching to myself here. This is a skill that I am constantly trying to improve. Sometimes my attempts go nowhere (like last Sunday at church when I tried to ask the people at our table about their summer - "We sat in the basement all summer." - OK...). However, sometimes it opens up a new world of interesting experiences, connections, and

It's worth a shot.

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