Monday, September 17, 2007

A Day in the Life of Tabita

4:30 AM - Hear the vibrating sound which slightly precedes the very annoying alarm on my phone.
4:45 AM - Get in the car and start driving toward the YMCA.
5:00 AM - Arrive at the YMCA and start working out.
6:30 AM - Leave the YMCA after 1 1/2 hours of running(2.5 miles today!)/lifting/stretching.
6:45 AM - Eat breakfast in one of the cozy chairs in the Reading Room with Sophie on my lap.
7:00 AM - Hit the shower and start the beautification process.
7:45 AM - Frantically pack for three days in Wisconsin.
8:10 AM - Leave for the airport.
8:35 AM - Check in at the very empty Midwest counter.
9:15 AM - Take off.
11:30 AM - Get my bag and car and jump on the first conference call of the day.
12:00 PM - Reach the local Pick N Save and pick up a fresh salad from the salad bar.
12:27 PM - Arrive at the WI office and start eating the fresh salad.
12:30 PM - Conference call #2 (I'm still eating).
Blah, blah, blah...
6:00 PM - Check to see if anybody needs pizza (yes, there are some takers).
6:15 PM - Order pizza.
7:15 PM - Pay for pizza.
7:20 PM - Socialize with pizza-eating developers.
8:00 PM - Register for Usability Conference and book travel for the same.
8:30 PM - Start getting tired.
9:00 PM - Decide it's time to go check into the hotel.
9:01 PM - Start blogging (even though it's really time to go to bed).
9:10 PM - Finish blogging.
9:15 PM - Leave the office and head over to the hotel.
9:20 PM - Stop at gas station to pick up water bottles and Balance bars (for morning workouts).
9:30 PM - Find out what my room of the week is.
9:45 PM - Hopefully sleep.

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