Saturday, September 22, 2007

Things that annoy me...

Improperly racked weights at the gym. How hard is to do number matching? Isn't that a preschool level skill?

When Panera employees put my Soy Chai in a to-go cup instead of a cozy mug.


Returning to my locker at the gym to find that someone's parked right next to mine with 25 other open lockers available.

Poor writing. I would strongly suggest the US school system start putting more emphasis on communication in general.

Novice travelers. They need a frequent traveler fast lane in the airports. Actually, apparently there is some special card you can buy to get through security quicker in some airports: Story here. I doubt MKE and BNA are part of that...

Indecisiveness. Just make a decision and move on. How can you learn how to make good decisions if you don't make a few bad ones first?

The western world's view of the "ideal" female body (i.e. Barbie). It's not real! Women who look like that do not eat. Actually, they don't even exist.

George Bush.

Promises that are not kept. Yes - sometimes I annoy myself.


Chris said...

MCO (Orlando International) absolutely has a "speed" line at the airport. For rather infrequent fliers like me, it is depressing to see how nice it could be. But, in fairness, Orlando can be dreadfully long. Sometimes 1.5 hours in the TSA lines. A minimum of probably 30 minutes. Of course you still have to do all of the other junk with luggage, etc. So, if there was ever a place to pick (well, Dallas and ATL are way up there too), MCO is it.

Tabita said...

Unfortunately, I never go to Orlando...