Sunday, September 09, 2007

Email breakthrough

Today, I decided to stop filing my email into different folders in my archive and instead rely on Outlook's ever-improving search capabilities to find old emails. I know this is not a novel concept, but for "Miss Organized", it's a big step.

I'm hoping this will increase my productivity dramatically. I read an article about this over a year ago where the main point was that just because we file papers into folders doesn't mean that we need to file electronic files such as email into folders. The heavy, black filing cabinet does not have search capabilities - the computer does. Use it!

All I have now is a "Processed" folder indicating I have looked at the email and taken required action. All other emails remain in the Inbox.

I feel liberated...

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Steve said...

Wow... I completely forgot about this place until 5 minutes ago when I randomly looked at your MySpace profile :-P Good times.

I'm impressed that you've kept up with this for so long. You're a champion. Anyway, have a great Sunday :-)