Friday, September 28, 2007

Forgot... bring a change of shoes to the gym this morning. I've been wearing my sweaty Brooks Glycerin 5 running shoes (without socks) all day. Pretty gross. Oh well...

I love these shoes so much. Last time, the evil people at the running store tried to get me to buy some other size "WW" shoes. I gave in. One week later, I was back to exchange them for my trusted Brooks. And sure enough - the toe box has expanded nicely to fit my "special" feet.

It's Friday. That's exciting. I'm really exhausted. I'm ready for a leisurely dinner followed by a movie in bed. That is my idea of a perfect Friday night.

I need to get out of these shoes... so I can lace them back up tomorrow morning for an awesome two-hour workout.

I love weekends.

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